Hi! My name is

Javier Moreno

I'm a UI Artist

I'm Javier, a UI artist based in Madrid (Spain).


game development

game design | game theory | ui art | ux/ui | level design

art portfolio

pixel art | ui/ux | 2d fx | vfx | animation

personal projects

character design | props & environments | animation | ui art


A graduate in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering, I made the decision to blend my academic background with my passion. This led me to relocate to Madrid and pursue a Master's degree in Game Design.Initially working as a game designer, I gained valuable experience in conceptualizing games from the ground up. Currently, I work as a UI artist, responsible for creating essential elements for game screens and flows.As a hybrid professional (with both artistic and technical abilities), I am dedicated to bridging gaps in game development, connecting various departments, and overseeing the entire UI pipeline, from conception to implementation.At the core of my approach is a personal motto: I firmly believe that a designer's role, regardless of the field, is to navigate complexity to deliver simplicity.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if there's anything I can assist you with. You can contact me at javiermorenoheuer[at]gmail[dot]com.

Voidout is an action game set in a faraway planet, where darkness, silence, and peace reigned, that isโ€ฆ until they arrived. While carelessly seeking to extract the energy of this planet to harvest and use for their own kin, overlooking the possible consequences.

I worked as a Game Designer in Voidout as a Master's degree project.My responsibilities included:

  • GDD documentation and definition of core mechanics.

  • Level design and prototype using blockmesh geometry in Unreal Engine 4.

  • Design game tutorials.

  • QA monitoring using forms.

  • Playtesting and game polishing.

  • UI design of tutorials, menus and HUD elements.

RoD is a turn-based strategy game where strategy and the tactical use of terrain will decide your fate.You can also recruit different types of combat units, and upgrade them trying multiple combinations to create the combat gear that better fits your combat style.And all of this accompained by pixel art style, lovely characters, and a memorable script.

I collaborated with AutoHit Games as a UX/UI and level designer.My tasks included:

๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ’œ Use cards to fight the incoming hordes of enemies & survive while building your own deck ๐Ÿƒโœจ

Fortune Decker is a top-down roguelike, deckbuilding, action survival game currently being developed by Evil Kiwi Games.

I worked at Evil Kiwi Games as a Pixel artist using mainly Asesprite.My tasks included:

I worked at Nexxyo Labs as a UI Artist for an Unnanounced Project (2023).My responsibilities included:

  • Graphics creation and UI design

  • Wireframe concepts to test UX flow

  • Assets implementation of screens

  • Shaders and materials creation

  • UX methodology production (research, prototype, iterate)

  • UI Kit and Style Guide for Menus

I worked as Game Designer at Starloop Studios from 2021 to 2023.My responsibilities included:

  • Balancing in-game mechanics

  • Design game tutorials

  • Game documentation (GDD, Ten-page, etc)

  • Design in-game economy and monetization system

  • Make realistic gameplay proposals

  • Prototype UX/UI screens using wireframes, flowcharts and mockups

Projects I worked on:

  • Unnanounced project: VR+mobile cross platform game (2022)

  • Unnanounced project: Web3 gamification experience & game creation eco-system (2022)

  • Unnanounced project: online co-op game (2023)

  • Unnanounced project: metaverse experience (2023)

  • Pitching game proposals for several projects (2022-2023)